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Apple Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Apple - Essay Example This is an extraordinary procedure to apple. It contains a wide scope of items that invites support from numerous clients who buy them. The organization is a main trend-setter of cell phones. It appreciates most benefits from the offer of versatile innovation than different organizations. The retail locations guarantee a solid client relationship with the organization. High estimating of items separate it with the costs at Hp. While Hp has practical experience in assembling of PCs, apple exchanged and focused on delivering cell phones. Apple appreciates a cost system to remain and support the market. Their items have an extraordinary innovation that appreciates the piece of the pie. In spite of the high evaluating that stones the market, still the organization enrolls enormous number of deals. The clients accept that the items are of excellent in light of the company’s notoriety. This method puts the organization as the second most esteemed brand in the entire world. In spite of the high rivalry that is in the innovation business, apple despite everything utilizes high evaluating as methodology that empowers them stay important in the

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MARK OF THE X: PETER TOSH & MALCOLM X :: essays papers

Characteristic OF THE X: PETER TOSH and MALCOLM X Words can impact and move a gathering of individuals to battle for what they have confidence in. There have been a few powerful pioneers all through time. These people have altered the shape and course of our reality. Their impact and energy has made it feasible for individuals to battle against shameful acts. Inside this gathering of pioneers there are a few unique styles and ways to deal with joining individuals and battling for a reason. A portion of these pioneers and their styles are omnipresent, while others just have a couple of sections in the history books. The social liberties development in the United States and the common turmoil in Jamaica had two unique sorts of pioneers. The first was the common, serene and generally excepted pioneer. Weave Marley and Martin Luther King Jr. enveloped these characteristics. Then again, the aggressor, progressive and dubious pioneers additionally assumed a significant job in these developments. Diminish Tosh and Malcolm X were the natura lly antagonistic pioneers of every one of these developments. Albeit, each of the four of these pioneers were powerful in their own specific manners, at last, it was just the quiet and socially acknowledged pioneers that had an enduring effect and had the option to make, what appeared as, perpetual change. The similitudes between Peter Tosh’s life and Malcolm X’s are uncanny. The two of them went about change such that was selective and disrupting. At long last obviously so as to affect individuals fundamentally one needs to carry on reasonably that the overwhelm society sets up. Sway Marley and Martin Luther King Jr. did this. The change and judges that Marley and King battled for appear to be to some degree deluding. In spite of the fact that made strides towards equivalent rights they did this on the white man’s terms along these lines making their judges appear to be progressively distinguished then they really were. Both Malcolm X and Peter Tosh had comparable childhoods in that the two of them encountered the hardships of growing up poor without their folks. Diminish Tosh experienced childhood in Kingston, Jamaica. This region is situated outside of the bigger Trenchtown and is known as a ghetto. Without the direction of both of his folks, Tosh was raised by his amazing auntie until he was fifteen years of age. Thus, Malcolm X’s father was killed when Malcolm was just six and a few years after the fact his mom was taken from their home and put into a foundation.

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The Pact Essay Essays

The Pact Essay Essays The Pact Essay The Pact Essay This book because composed was not to engage us with their life, however to rouse individuals who dont have confidence in their selves. Dry. Sampson Davis, Dry. George Jenkins, and Dry. Rammer Hunt need to share their story to show individuals that you can really do anything on the off chance that you set your attention to it. Experiencing childhood in Newark, New Jersey was difficult for these three young men. The lanes were risky, each of their familys had cash issues, and they had broken homes. There werent numerous individuals who pushed and enlivened these young men to do incredible things. George got roused to be a dental specialist when e was only a little fellow. Rammer depended on his grandma, who he called Mac to help him for an amazing duration. In secondary school, there was an introduction from Sexton Hall about an Educational Opportunity Program. The POP had a program called the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Plus Program. This program helped individuals who didnt have enough cash to begin clinical school. George, Sam, and Rammer chose to make an agreement they were going to clinical school. George, Sam, and Rammer changed their point of view in the wake of experiencing the premedical program and finishing clinical school. They experienced childhood with he boulevards attempting to avoid inconvenience, and by one way or another figured out how to drive themselves to turning out to be specialists. There were numerous cases where they got in a tough situation with the police. They had issues with medications and liquor in the region, just as getting burglarized. In the wake of making the agreement to experience clinical school, they understood that it was so essential to fix their lives each time they got in a difficult situation. They had confidence in one another and all the more significantly their selves. They were supported by numerous individuals along their excursion of turning out to be specialists. The street to turning out to be specialists and dental specialists was in actuality extremely intense. Be that as it may, it was a learning experience. At the point when George, Sam, and Rammer returned home in the wake of prevailing in their tutoring, they understood how their lives could Of turned out. They figured out how to prevail with regards to something as hard as media school; you need the help of others. Having a gathering of dependable companion with indistinguishable objectives from you, and grown-ups who put stock in you is the thing that will push you through the difficult occasions. They learned they couldnt be hesitant to incline toward their companions when they required them. At the point when they required assistance and bolster they couldnt be reluctant to request it or show they required it. George, Sam, an Rammer likewise discovered that correspondence is the key. You cannot experience lie alone; you have to open up to individuals and be straightforward with those you trust. In particular, they figured out how to have faith in yourselves and your companion If you have confidence in yourself, you will go a lot more distant than if you might suspect you cant. Generally speaking, The Pact, composed by Dry. Sampson Davis, Dry. George Jenkins, and Rammer Hunt was an incredible book. The message in this collection of memoirs was genuine rousing. It instructed me that you dont must have a wonderful adolescence to get effective. It is never past the point where it is possible to turn your life around. The main tail I didnt appreciate in this book was the changing of writers. It became mistaking keep up for what occasions befell every individual. In any case, I liked hoi, you could see the alternate points of view of every one of them. I would resistant prescribe The Pact to other people. Particularly, in the event that they need assistance accepting they can accomplish something. This book has an extraordinary message and is motivating to al that read it. Could of turned out. They figured out how to prevail with regards to something as hard as clinical school; you need the help of others.

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Grounds For Lawsuit, Learning The Law Case Studies - 275 Words

Grounds For Lawsuit, Learning The Law Case Studies (Case Study Sample) Content: Law: Case StudiesStudents NameInstitution NameLaw: Case StudiesThe law of torts identifies what acts and omissions amount to tort and civil wrong on others (Williams, 1982). In light of this, there some instances where the defendant may plead volenti nonfit injuria and the plaintiff may not be liable for compensation. In the case of Ragged Mountain Ski Resort lawsuit by Elaine, the defendants will plead not liable on the grounds of the statute enacted by New Hampshire state legislature prohibiting participates of the skiing sport from suing the operators. The authorization of an act includes that of its natural consequences hence Elaine should be denied compensation. In a situation whereby only the state statute applies to skiing and not snow-tubing, Elaine should receive compensation because the law only focuses on skiing activities. If the jury finds that Elaine is partly to blame for her situation, in this case, under the rule of negligence(Ferrari, 1994) the compe nsation will be reduced as to the extend of her participation in causing her injuries. In conclusion, it is evident that sportspersons suffer the most in situations where the state legislature enacts a law that limits indulgence in dangerous sport activities. The intellectual property law manages and monitors the creation of intellectual property. The word Hallowed will receive protection as a trademark because the associated law protects a word, phrase, and logo of a brand, whereas trade dress protects the promotion of a brand. In situations where Trent and Xavier had obtained a patent license, the release of Halo 2 will be an infringement because it used similar source codes and the overall look as Hallowed but Trent and Xavier did not receive credit. Also, Trent and Xavier can sue the makers of Halo 2 for copywriter infringement because they viola...

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The Effect Of Time Management On College Students Essay

I. Introduction The central research problem being analyzed in this proposal is the relationship between time management and stress in college. Time management can have several positive influence on our overall well-being both professional life and college life. However, Poor time management actions such as not being able to find time to study or last minute preparation is a source of stress and poor academic performance. In this proposal, we will look at how time management can have a huge impact on our academic career. The methods that can be used to examine how time management has an impact on college students’ academic success are samples of both male and female students from different majors. Succeeding in college is very important as it decides our future so therefore this research between being able to manage time properly in college and stress is essential for all of us. It is important to understand how time management can have a negative effect on students and how to find ways to manage time well to succeed in college. II. Background and Significance As stated in the introduction the research problem has to do with finding how time management affects our college life. Being able manage time is essential for the overall success in college and life in general. The purpose of this study is if we are able to manage time properly, we will not be stress which is very important. In trying to read all the books and chapters assigned, being able to meet deadlines and alsoShow MoreRelatedMisconceptions Pertaining College Students Who Obtain a Job1609 Words   |  7 Pagesreview will focus on the scope of college student’s whom have a job while going to school full time versus college students who do not have a job and the effects on their academic success. It will identify the contributing factors dealing with Seton Hall University student’s academics. In addition this literature review will identify the possible solutions dealing with academic success based on research pertaining to college student’s positive outcome s. The time period that will be covered by thisRead MoreNegative Effects Of College Students716 Words   |  3 PagesWhen a student starts college the only thing that are to mind are the new adventures and new people that will be met on the journey. Being drawn to the new environment, the student can experience certain amounts of levels of stress that blocks the student’s ability to socialize and to reach their academic goals. Physical health plays a big role in college; along with finances and time management. According to an article found on SpringerLink, â€Å"College students confront many challenges in pursuitRead MoreEssay on Effects of Binge Drinking on College Academics1746 Words   |  7 PagesAlcohol use among college students has always been a popular subject among teachers, parents, researchers, and even students. The actual act of drinking alcohol is not necessarily the problem, whether legal or not. The main problem is the act of binge drinking of college s tudents, of age or not. Drinking modest amounts of alcohol may have some consequences, but binge drinking has more negative consequences than normal modest drinking. There are many examples as to the consequences that bingeRead More Academic Time Management Essay1030 Words   |  5 PagesAcademic Time Management With every new experience come challenges, and anxieties that can be overwhelming if they are not handled and dealt with in a reasonable way. Beginning college is certainly no exception. Stress takes many forms, most notably in the academic sense, as exams, papers, and various projects and assignments. Making the grade is an important aspect of many college students, and the best way of getting good grades without sacrificing all aspects of a social life is effectiveRead MoreThesis Abstract Title: a Feasibility Study of a Computerized Management, Academic and Research Information System for the Mountain State Agricultural College1416 Words   |  6 PagesFEASIBILITY STUDY OF A COMPUTERIZED MANAGEMENT, ACADEMIC AND RESEARCH INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR THE MOUNTAIN STATE AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE AUTHOR: INTRODUCTION The increasing complexity of administrative operations in today’s colleges and universities are the effects of the growing students, faculty and administrative populations and the physical expansion of the institutions. The increase in complexity means additional administrative manpower, workloads, and management information and data processing systemRead MoreEssay about Determining Causes and Effects of Stress on College Students1400 Words   |  6 PagesMy research on the major causes and effects of stress on college students is compiled at the request of The President of Strayer University. The purpose of presenting this research paper to senior administration is to help students have a more constructive college experience. Students starting their college careers consist of major adjustments to the daily routine; sleep patterns and eating habits, time-management skills, and stress levels are different in one way or another. The American InstituteRead MoreA) What Are the Most Important Factors That Determine the Learning Experience of School/College Students in Your Subject?1200 Words   |  5 Pagesof school/college students in your subject? You should analyse both relevant literature and your school/college observations in compiling your response. There are many important factors that determine the learning experience of the students I have observed, each one with there own degree of effectiveness. Some of these factors include cognitive and conative learning, the material being studied, motivation, classroom management, student to teacher ratio, class discipline, time management, environmentRead MoreTechnology And Technology Essay1012 Words   |  5 PagesStates, students would have their eyes glued to their phone screens. In class, walking around campus, or in the library millennials are always on their phones and it is affecting their time management skills as students attending college in the digital age. A recent study done at a university in Taiwan found that college students cell phone addictions can be linked to school related stress and significant time management issues. During the study researchers tracked how students spent their time and howRead MoreCauses and Effects of Stress in the Life of a College Student1667 Words   |  7 PagesCauses and Effects of Stress in the Life of a College Student If one were to ask an adult about their college experience it is likely than the majority will say it was the best time of their life. They had fun, enjoyed the full college experience, etc. If you ask students currently in college to describe their experience, it may still be the best time of their life but it will likely also be described as stressful and filled with a variety of pressures. The average college student will likely changeRead More20 Hours of Work Should Suffice The College Student853 Words   |  3 PagesBeing a college student is a difficult, however, being a working college student is even more of a challenge. In their attempts to manage school, work and social life, students often find that something suffers- oftentimes it is the academic portion of their life that takes the hit. Over the years, the number of college students who are working while studying has been constantly escalating. Recent studies have shown that not only do 80% of undergraduates work while in school, but they are also working

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Emotions In Sensemaking Change Management -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Emotions In Sensemaking Change Management? Answer: Introduction Change management in the organization is one of the processes that focus on managing the change. The change management is concerned with the change in culture, structure and the process of business. At the time of change management, it is seen that the focus is seen on human resources of the organization. In the present scenario, it is evaluated that responsibilities are considered by the managers or the leaders of the organization. The responsibilities are considered by the leaders so that the activities of the organization can be conducted smoothly. The systematic method helps the manager to conduct the activities so that the benefits related to organizational change can be attained (Jabri, 2012). Changes in the organization are considered by the managers so that the knowledge can be enhanced and also new skills can be achieved by the employees. It is analyzed that when organizational change is implemented in the organization then there are various problems faced by the organization. When employees resist change then it is difficult for the company to implement the strategies. This paper will focus on the ethical implications and how the decision of the leader is affected. Change is related to increase the potential of the company so that the competition level can be minimized. Organizational change is essential for the company as it assists the employees to increase the performance and productivity level of the organization (Kossek, Hammer, Kelly, and Moen, 2014). It also assists to accomplish the overall goals and objectives of the company. Organizational change can be divided into two parts like evolutionary and transformational. Evolutionary change is concerned to the small level change that focuses on increasing the work of the company. Transformational changes are fundamental and take into consideration the operations of the company (Erwin and Garman, 2010). The factors related to change are driving force and restrain the force. In driving force the organization conducts the activities in a new direction and in restraining the force the company prevents the changes. These factors give direct influences on the change policies and the leaders also focuses on the factors so that the change can be implemented effectively. Flip kart tries to adopt latest technologies so that the success can be attained instead of giving focus on long-term plans. The benefits achieved by the organization are just because of the strategies adopted by the company. Strategies related to change assists to increase the involvement of the employees so that the performance can be increased and also effective strategies can be enhanced. It offers the company to survive in the competitive environment (Hogg and Terry, 2014). Why workers resist change? The issue related to employee resistance is considered by the managers so that the strategies can be implemented effectively. In the present situation, companies have applied many policies by analyzing the condition of the market. It is analyzed that the company makes modifications in their policies by studying the actual condition so that the competition level can be minimized in an effective manner. At the time of implementation of the policies, the company faces issues related to communication and employee engagement. To implement the change policies it is important to consider the employee resistance as it arises in every organization. Hamidianpour, Esmaeilpour, and Zarei (2016) state that the responsibility of the leader is to manage the change program in an effective manner so that the activities of the organization can be conducted smoothly. There are many issues that give effect on the resistance of the employees. It is concerned with the directors so that accurate steps can be considered. Example: Workers of the company resist the organization change as it can give the outcome in closure of the jobs. Organization considers innovative approaches so that the human resource management of the company can be managed. It is concerned with ineffective communication that increases the resistance of employees as the worker does not have proper information of the policies that creates fear in them. When the organizational change is implemented many employees are there who lack competence. Many times it is tough for the workers to attain skills and also they fear from the change implemented in the organization. Employee resistance arises just because of insufficient rewards and incentives given to the employees. If the company does not provide incentives then the motivation level of the employees goes down. Proper support is also important at the time of applying the change policies. It is analyzed that if assistance is not given to the workers then it can increase resistance of employees because the employee requires comfort zone to conduct the activities (Langley, Smallman, Tsoukas and Van de Ven, 2013). The resistance of employees arises just because of politics that takes place in the workplace. When politics arises in the workplace then employee's motivation level goes down. These all are the factors that increase the employee resistance at the time of implementing change in the organization. There are various drivers who resist change at the time of introducing the mobile application (Barrick, Thurgood, Smith, and Courtright, 2015). Behavioral Impact of employee's resistance The factors that influence employee resistance are emotions and attitude. It is analyzed that the change that is implemented in the organization should be according to the workers who are conducting their activities in the organization. Managers of the organization have to face the issue of cognition when the changes are implemented in the organization. At the time of implementation of change it is evaluated that many workers are not able to work efficiently and are not able to adopt the strategies connected with the change. These factors give negative impact on the productivity and performance of the employees. Trust is also the major issue that arises between the employees of the organization. If the change is not adopted efficiently then trust cannot be maintained between the employees of the organization (Pinder, 2014). What are ethical implications and how resistance can be considered? The issues that are ethical have a link to power and resistance To deal with power resistance it is seen that top management ensures that the activities can be operated in an ethical manner. The manager of the organization faces various ethical issues when the organizational change is implemented. There are many factors like the culture of the organization and politics in the workplace that affect the process of change management in the organization. The organizational change is unethical when the employees do not offer benefits in the organizational change (Thomas and Hardy, 2011). Ethical implications take into consideration the workers; teamwork that give effect on the change policies of the organization. It is important for the leaders to analyze the change policies so that the interest of the stakeholders can be maintained. The leaders who are politically influenced and the policies related to change is implemented then it is considered as unethical (Erkama, 2010). The managers of the organization have to evaluate the pressure of politics so that the programs of change can be applied in the organization effectively. The change of change has a relation and is based on the relation of the top and middle-level employees. The workers who are subordinates are not counted in the change that makes them resist policies (Burr, 2015). There are various ethical dilemmas that enhance the value of change programs like many conflicts and unnecessary use of the data. Transparency and lack of communication also increase employee's resistance which makes conflicts at the time of implementing the policies related to change (Steigenberger, 2015). Power and resistance relation It is seen that when the workers of the organization are resistance then there are various changes that help to promote the value in the organization. It is analyzed that top management has all the right to implement that strategy related to change. Managers and employees have to struggle so that positive outcome can be attained and power resistance relationship can be considered. When the organizational change is implemented then the leader's analyzes the power driven resistance of the employees so that positive outcome can be attained (Fleming and Spicer, 2007). In the present situation, it is evaluated that there are employees who have given the theory that there is no connection of power without the resistance. The new changes are implemented in the companies so that the employee's concern towards the work can be maintained. Power and resistance have a link so that the operations of the company can be conducted smoothly and can be influenced. Politics and power give influence to every segment of the organization as it is evaluated that employees have different taste and also take into consideration the interest of power (Walizer, 2017). Implications for achieving change management programs The leaders of the company should focus on providing data to the workers so that the policies related to change can be taken by the workers who are working in the organization. The managers of the organization should introduce the change. The problem of resistance and power relation can be reduced by increasing the employee's involvement to the change policies. At the time of formulating the policies related to change it is evaluated that managers should consider the interest of every shareholder so that the policies can be conducted. It is essential for the leaders to apply the program related to change so that targets can be accomplished. Foucauldian approach focuses on making good relations so that proper communication can be created between the employees. If there is proper communication then the resistance of the employees can also be reduced. At the time of implementing change, it is seen that ethics plays a great role so that the stakeholders and company relationship can be maintained. Proper planning should also be there for the organization so that the employee's resistance can be reduced effectively (O'Ferrell, 2008). It is important that managers should create a positive organizational culture that helps to promote the change program. If effective culture is there in the organization then it will reduce employee's resistance because through this transparency in the activities can be maintained. Managers should also act in an ethical manner at the time of applying the policies of the company. Ethical behavior of the workers takes into consideration proper communication, workplace respect, and easy policies. The organizations should also create a proper code of ethics so that the change programs can be implemented in a smooth manner. If proper codes of ethics are followed in the organization then it will reduce the employee resistance and help to boost their morale to conduct the activities (Borman and Motowidlo, 2014). Conclusion So it is analyzed that resistance of employees is the major issue. There are elements that help to increase the resistance to fear of future and lack of programs related to rewards. The leaders should also consider ethical problems at the time of implementing ethical issues. The managers should give emphasis on implementing the change policies like proper communication channels and also create a positive environment. Managers should emphasis on considering the effective change programs so that the workers can increase the productivity and also the effectiveness can be enhanced. The future development can also take place if the policies are implemented in an effective manner and also in a planned manner. References Barrick, M. R., Thurgood, G. R., Smith, T. A., Courtright, S. H. (2015). Collective organizational engagement: Linking motivational antecedents, strategic implementation, and firm performance.Academy of Management journal,58(1), 111-135. Borman, W. C., Motowidlo, S. J. (Eds.). (2014).Organizational citizenship behavior and contextual performance: A special issue of human performance. Psychology Press. Burr, V. (2015).Social constructionism. Routledge. Erkama, N. (2010). Power and resistance in a multinational organization: Discursive struggles over organizational restructuring.Scandinavian Journal of Management,26(2), 151-165. Erwin, D. G., Garman, A. N. (2010). Resistance to organizational change: linking research and practice.Leadership Organization Development Journal,31(1), 39-56. Fleming, P., Spicer, A. (2007).Contesting the corporation: Struggle, power and resistance in organizations. Cambridge University Press. Hamidianpour, F., Esmaeilpour, M., Zarei, R. (2016). The Effects of Cultural Intelligence and Transformational Leadership Style of Managers on Employee Resistance to Change.Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences,7(5), 84. Hogg, M. A., Terry, D. J. (Eds.). (2014).Social identity processes in organizational contexts. Psychology Press. Jabri, M. (2012).Managing organizational change. Palgrave Macmillan. Kossek, E. E., Hammer, L. B., Kelly, E. L., Moen, P. (2014). Designing work, family health organizational change initiatives.Organizational dynamics,43(1), 53. Langley, A., Smallman, C., Tsoukas, H., Van de Ven, A. H. (2013). Process studies of change in organization and management: Unveiling temporality, activity, and flow.Academy of Management Journal,56(1), 1-13. OFerrell, C. (2008). Foucault on power and resistance. Retrieved from Pinder, C. C. (2014).Work motivation in organizational behavior. Psychology Press. Steigenberger, N. (2015). Emotions in sensemaking: a change management perspective.Journal of Organizational Change Management,28(3), 432-451. Thomas, R., Hardy, C. (2011). Reframing resistance to organizational change.Scandinavian Journal of Management,27(3), 322-331. Walizer, C. E. (2017).Perceptions of Organizational Change Among Minority Owners of Small Businesses(Doctoral dissertation, Walden University).

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Marketing in real life

Marketing is an important exercise in a company; it ensures that target customers access goods and services a company manufactures. Manufacturing can only take place if marketing department sells final products effectively. Marketing team also advises a company on the products on demand.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing in real life specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Marketing links customers and a company. Before this course, I thought that marketing is advertising for goods and service. I also believed that it stops when customers have realised the existence of certain products in the market. After the course, I have a better understanding of what marketing is. This paper gives a personal understanding of marketing. Marketing No single statement can explain what is marketing; briefly, it is a link between customers and a company, the feedback from either side is crucial in improving goods and services pr oduced. It works back and forth where customers influence the company products and service and the company persuades customers to buy its products. The number of stages involved in marketing varies; however, it involves the process taken from designing a product to delivery of such products to the target customers. When designing a marketing strategy, the most important thing is developing a market segment. This is a small group in the larger community that have similar attributes such as similar likes, values, age, income among other. Understanding market segment is important for product development. The following are the main stages in marketing: Product design: in this stage, the company comes up with a product to sell to a certain market segment. The development is through an in-depth research and analysis of customers’ needs. Product promotion: in this stage, awareness of the products is the most important thing. Product promotion is through promotions and advertisement s. This is to ensure that the customers are aware of a product in the market. Pricing, product differentiation, and distribution: in this stage, emphasis is on putting efforts to improve the quality and cost of the developed products to compete with similar products effectively. Objectives of a marketing strategy Some objectives of an efficient management strategy are: It aims at analysing internal and external environment that a business operates in, to device mechanisms for effective product communication to the target customers. It analysis consumer behaviour both in domestic and global markets to ensure that it advises its company effectively on the best practices to adopt to remain competitive Through marketing research, the department can advise other sections on product developments and the best approaches they should take to attain effective product differentiation. Through survey of the prevailing market conditions and analysing competitors, marketing assists a company in setting prices. It aims at advising a company in product development and differentiation. An effective marketing strategy fulfils all the above-mentioned objectives not in isolation but all at a go. When all the objectives are met, a company gains a competitive advantage, as it is able to relate with its customers well.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Advantages of a marketing strategy Marketing links a company to its target customers. If this link is not effective, there will be a breakdown of communication between these two parties. Information is power; marketing offers much needed information for strategic decisions. When producing goods, there is a target market that company aims. Human beings are not static; their needs change with time and space. Understanding of customers’ trend is important for an effective business. When a company produces goods and servic es, it does so with the aim of selling. Creating awareness and persuading the customers to buy a company’s goods is the role of the marketing department. It thus ensures that the main objective of a business that is profit making is attained. Marketing assist, a company to compete effectively and probably win the competition. How well a company persuades its customers goes a long way in determining whether customers favour it or not. To satisfy customers, marketers provide much needed information on which products are on demand, to assist the company make products that meet customer-changing needs. For example, it advises a company when designing distribution channels, supply chain, and retiling systems. When determining the integrated marketing communications combinations to use then information from the marketing department is crucial. Factors that limit the understanding of marketing among consumers and among other business disciplines Other departments in a company have m isunderstood marketing. They do not understand the role it plays in a company. In a company’s structure, marketing is not among the major department and has its importance limited to advertising. They fail to understand that marketing department assists in making strategic decision that give a company competitive advantage. Customers see marketers as sales representatives; they do not understand they do more than just selling. They have the perception that marketers come to persuade them buys certain product. However, marketers are a link between a company and its customers. It is through marketing that a company understands the expectations of its target market. This essay on Marketing in real life was written and submitted by user Elsie R. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.